Following the announcement by Johann Lamont that a Labour Government would look at increasing Council Tax and cutting universal benefits, an SNP Councillor has written to Labour parliamentarians urging them to come clean on whether they are happy to see tens of billions spent on nuclear weapons of mass destruction.


John Alexander who represents Strathmartine Ward on Dundee City Council and is the SNP Administration’s representative on the Nuclear Free Local Authorities body and the Scottish Councils’ Committee on Radioactive Substances) has written to Jim McGovern MP and North East Labour MSPs asking them to clarify their party’s stance on Trident and nuclear weapons.


Councillor Alexander’s letter follows on from Dundee West MP Jim McGovern’s comments at the Scottish Affairs Select Committee, which implied that Labour is now a ‘pro-nuclear’ party.


Councillor Alexander said: “If Jim McGovern MP is to be believed, Labour is now a pro-nuclear party. This despite the anti-nuclear posturing of Scottish Labour politicians and the involvement of generations of Labour activists in the Nuclear-Free Movement and CND.”


“I have asked Jim McGovern and his North East colleagues in the Scottish parliament to come clean on whether they agree with Labour leader Johann Lamont’s cuts agenda and are happy to see taxpayers’ hard-earned money spent on weapons of mass destruction, whilst at the same time want to put up the Council Tax and cut universal benefits, such as the concessionary bus pass, free tuition for students, and free prescriptions.


“Hardworking families across Dundee are facing the toughest squeeze on their income since the days of Margaret Thatcher at the hands of the present Tory-led Westminster Government.”


“For Labour to come out saying that they want to cut these valued services yet fail to clarify whether they are happy to see £100 billion squandered on the renewal of Trident nuclear weapons is just staggering.”


“Labour’s silence is deafening. The people of Dundee deserve to know where they stand.


“Polls have consistently shown that the majority of Scots are opposed to nuclear weapons and the replacement of Trident and the majority of MSPs in Scotland share that view.


“The SNP is resolutely opposed to nuclear weapons and is leading the fight against the replacement of Trident. Independence offers a huge opportunity for the people of Scotland to make clear that weapons of mass destruction are not welcome here.”