A Dundee MSP is urging voters to respond to an email sent by Dundee City Council which allows you to confirm your registration on the electoral roll and save Council resources.


Dundee City West MSP Joe FitzPatrick explains: “Every year, Councils are required to write to each household to confirm that the information they have on the electoral register is correct. It can be a time-consuming task and expensive too, chasing up replies over a period of months.


“This year Dundee City Council is giving electors the opportunity to check and confirm their details online. This should help to speed up the task.


“For many addresses, the voters’ roll information will be unchanged since last year and if the householders respond to the email, fewer letters will need to be posted out, saving the Council over 10,000 sheets of paper and postage costs.


“If you respond now and are able to confirm there is no change then the Council will only have to write to those addresses where the information has changed or where electors have moved.

“I would urge voters to respond to the email they received from the Council and to confirm the information held on the voters’ roll before 10th August, or if the information is changed, do nothing for now and you will be sent a letter later.


“It is a useful and more eco-friendly way to save resources and you can help by doing your bit. We have important elections – and the Independence Referendum – coming up and it is important you do not lose your vote.”