Auction Catalogue

Item 1. Bottle Jacobite Spirits:

The 45 Spiced Rum. Special Edition. Individually Numbered. Signed by Head Distiller. Sealed with unique Jacobite Rose wax stamp.

Value of regular edition is £37.

Item 2: Portrait Sitting with Craig Chalmers Photography

Value: £80

Item 3: Bottle of Wolfburn Morven Single Malt

Kindly donated by member Alan Mair. Value: £40-50.

Item 4: Pet Portrait by Bowser’s Buddies Pet Portraits

Value : £100

Thanks to

Item 5: Signed “MisTay” Canvas print by Jim Smyth

Value: Unknown

Item 6: Signed artwork by Stewart Bremner. Limited Edition (7 of 250) 2014 referendum poster.

Kindly donated by Mike Strachan.

Value: unknown but extremely rare.

Item 7: Signed, personalised saltire from Nicola Sturgeon

Value: Unknown

A unique piece. We do not yet have a photo as it will be signed and personalised after the sale. 

Donated by the First Minister herself and procured by Lee Mills, SNP Activist of the Year.